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About Us


We’re experienced. We’ve been around for more than ten years. Before Just Drive Media we were PR pros, Journalists and SEOs. Together we make big things happen.

We’re media (and social media) savvy. We know the media, the influencers, and the strategies that help brands engage with their constituents, whether via traditional or social media. We’ve got the results to prove it.

We’re senior. Our senior team members aren’t just there to talk on weekly calls. They do the day-to-day work. Our teams are lean, and our average team member has at least eight years industry experience.

We’re efficient. We do things quickly and do them well. We keep administration and paperwork to a minimum, instead focusing on work that delivers measurable results.

We listen first. We start every campaign with a thorough media (and social media) audit. We use what we learn about your brand, industry and competitors to help advise us on the best course of action.

We’re nimble. Client needs change from month to month, and we adapt to what you require. We can amplify our efforts one month, and turn down the volume the next.

We’re affordable. Bottom line, we stretch your dollar. By running as a virtual agency, we keep our overhead costs to a minimum, so we can invest in the best people for your business, no matter their location.

Our Services

Tech PR

  • Communications Strategy
  • Media/Influencer Relations
  • Content Marketing
  • Thought Leadership Campaigns
  • Speaker Placement/Awards
  • Media Training
  • Message Development
  • Presentation Development
  • Event Production

Social Media Listening

  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Campaign Performance
  • Competitive Intelligence

Social Media Marketing

  • Social Media/Community Development
  • Social Graphics
  • Blogging/Content Marketing

Customer Advocacy

  • Social Advocacy/Amplification
  • Reviews and Testimonials
  • Referrals

Our Approach

At Just Drive Media, we deliver on our promises, and we have the results to prove it (check out our case studies to see what we mean). We land clients in national top-tier news outlets, win awards and secure speaking opportunities, build social influence and garner the right kind of customer and investor attention.

Our communications approach differs depending on the client, though all our activities are built on a foundation of regularly benchmarking perceptions to track progress and alter course where needed. We go beyond the typical media hits and impressions with robust PR and social media analysis, digging deeper to uncover the trends and issues that your customers care about, identifying the opportunities for you to stand out.

We believe the lines are blurred between PR and social media – to us, they’re both about perception. We may recommend tactics traditionally known to fall under one camp or another, all with the same goals in mind – helping you attract the attention and perception you’re looking for. To that end, we offer a range of services that can be provided a la carte or as part of a comprehensive PR and Marketing program.

Industry Experience

Our team’s experience and industry knowledge is vast. We’ve worked predominantly with clients in the following industries:

B2B is our sweet spot. From activating your community to securing mainstream media coverage, we know how to reach business customers and help drive adoption.

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From IIOT to Robotics and everything in between – we love technology and it shows. We’ll help you showcase your product with the excitement and enthusiasm it deserves.

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Since the dawn of the first emoji, we’ve been enveloped in communications tech. Drawing upon years of industry and competitive analysis, we’ll help you find the opportunities in this ever-evolving space.

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There’s more to an app launch than meets the eye (of most). We’ll help ensure you’re buttoned up for a successful launch and ready to keep those customers coming back for more.

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This is an industry we know inside and out. We’ve got the relationships and know-how to help you navigate the sometimes choppy waters of the HR and talent world.

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Our very first client is still a client today, largely because of our understanding of their audiences and how best to reach them. We’ve broadened our industry expertise to help other advertising technology clients do the same.

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We understand the challenge of attracting and keeping both buyers and sellers. Our experience in this area will help you determine the right message and approach for each of your key audiences.

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