In 2011, LinkedIn recognized it needed additional support to lead PR for its burgeoning Talent Solutions business line.


Together we developed a strategy based on a focused approach on a tight-knit community of industry influencers, many of whom viewed LinkedIn as a competitor rather than a partner. Through traditional media and analyst relations, speaking programs, event attendance and sponsorships, we helped LinkedIn make inroads into this community, developing advocates along the way.

The visibility and results we achieved early on led to a deeper connection with the team, and expansion of our partnership. In 2012, we began reporting on LinkedIn’s social media efforts, providing weekly and monthly updates on channel performance, including share of voice, sentiment and engagement, and providing recommendations to improve. The social team saw value in our proprietary approach, which combines manual sentiment analysis with highly targeted searches and tagging.


As LinkedIn grew from $522 million to the multibillion dollar global business it is today, we’ve provided weekly, monthly and ad hoc social analytics reporting, developed and launched a robust industry influencer program, provided monthly and quarterly media analysis, crisis reporting and consultation, social media strategy and execution, developed content for an executive influencer group, and led programming and reporting for the LinkedIn for Journalists program. LinkedIn is a client and partner to this day, and our relationship and support continue to evolve.

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