Influencer Relations

Getting the exposure necessary to build authority and credibility includes connecting with influencers who’ll recommend your brand to their communities. We go beyond the biggest names and usual suspects to find and activate the right influencers in your industry, some of whom may be lesser known but have more loyal or influential followings.

Some want to be paid, some just want to be “in the know.” Either way, we focus on building long term relationships so that you get the most bang for your buck. Influencer relationships are most successful when the benefits are mutual – we help you identify the right ways to do just that.


Attracting customers is just the first step; retaining them is key. We’ll develop a scalable customer advocacy program that speaks to segments within your base, addresses pain points, enhances the experience, and builds a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your company and among customers.

Social Proof & User-Generated Content

You work hard to garner the trust and support of your customers, and the rewards are loyal fans who are happy to shout your praises from the rooftops. We’ll mobilize your advocates to share the good word about your brand through authentic, honest communications including blog posts, reviews, testimonials, case studies and social content.

Referrals & References

Your advocates are not just casual enthusiasts; they can also be your best salespeople, as they have the power to deliver solid leads by recommending and referring your product/service throughout their professional network. They are also the strongest references for your brand: We’ll give your sales pipeline a boost by matching your happy customers with your hot prospects to help close your next big deal.

Customer Insights

Don’t you wish you knew what your customers were thinking? With a customer advocacy program, this doesn’t have to be wishful thinking. We’ll provide you with a direct line for customer communication, enabling you to launch surveys, polls and discussions – or quickly ID participants for beta programs or focus groups – so you can find out what your customers like, need and want from your brand.


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