This where we knock our competition out of the park. Our manual sentiment and topic analysis beats every automated tool we’ve come up against, whether NLP, Machine Learning or otherwise. Time and again we’ve had some of the sharpest, most innovative companies in the world try to better our analysis and come up short. Nothing beats the human eye when it comes to the context of the social web. That’s why some of the biggest brands in the world rely on us for their social media intelligence.

Designing your listening campaign with Just Drive Media’s system gives you immense control over your brand’s metrics. Since we don’t cut and paste from off-the-shelf tools, you decide what is positive, negative and neutral. We can even dig into large neutral segments and parse them to reveal major insights about your campaigns that other social listening programs miss.


Similar to our sentiment analysis methodology, we go deeper than the basic “vanity metrics” that any social performance tool can report. We help you put your performance into perspective. How does it compare to other similar types of campaigns, yours or others’? Are your engagement metrics keeping up with your audience size? Where is your content working, and where could it be doing better? We help you steer your social strategy with custom reports and metrics that suit your brand and your brand only.


The same way we look at earned and owned channel performance for your brand, we look at social performance across your industry. What is your brand’s share of voice within your space? It may not be a close competitor that’s keeping your audience engaged. What are they doing right, and what are they missing? What can you be doing better to pick up on their missteps? We’ll help you find and take advantage of the biggest opportunities on your horizon, from a marketing and product perspective.


We recommend that all our clients do regular perception analysis – on their brand, their industries and their competitors – to better understand what’s fueling the biggest advocates and the biggest points of contention. Whether around a product launch, an event, or ongoing campaigns, there’s no better way to understand where the opportunities lie than going deep into traditional media and social media metrics.


We are known for the sophisticated, brand-specific analytics our experts (humans, not machines!) devise, which give you incredibly accurate data, thoughtful context and deep insights into what people are really saying about your brand. Our data analytics have helped brands like Robinhood, LinkedIn, Samsung Next, NFL, OpenTable, eBay and Skype shape communications, social strategy and product development.


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