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Loads of people appreciate and support your brand; the trick is converting passive fans to active advocates. We’ll help you select, engage and motivate your most influential champions to share their brand passion with their networks.


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Turn Your Customers into Raving Fans

Your customers value what you do, and you certainly value your customers. Within this symbiotic relationship are rich opportunities to cultivate greater customer satisfaction and in doing so, boost your bottom line. Let us help you create and deploy custom customer marketing and brand advocacy initiatives.

As an Influitive Certified Service Partner, we’re specially trained to help you ignite, increase and sustain support for your brand by creating successful communities of engaged customers. From there, we’ll help you identify and motivate your most ardent advocates to share their brand passion and authentic recommendations. From case studies to media quotes, testimonials, referrals, reviews and user-generated content, we deliver invaluable social proof and word-of-mouth marketing from your most valuable business asset: your customers.


Attracting customers is just the first step; retaining them is the trick. We’ll develop a customer advocacy program that speaks to your base, addresses their pain points, enhances their experience, and builds a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with your company and brand at scale, in no time.

Social Proof & User-Generated Content

You work hard to garner the trust and support of your customers, and the rewards are loyal fans who have positive experiences to draw upon. We’ll mobilize your advocates and influencers to share the good word about your brand and company through authentic, honest communications including blog posts, reviews, testimonials, case studies and social content.

Referrals & References

Your advocates are not just casual enthusiasts; they can also be your best salespeople, as they have the power to deliver solid leads by recommending and referring your product/service throughout their professional network. They also are the strongest references for your brand. We’ll give your sales pipeline a boost by matching your happy customers with your hot prospects to help close your next big deal.

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