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Your story is unique; it’s the secret sauce that leaves your customers hungry for more. We create compelling content that captures attention, inspires interaction and showcases your authority.


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Communications Strategy

Your brand is unique, and the approach and channels where you communicate your brand’s messages should be uniquely tailored to your company. We take a holistic approach to communications strategy: from uncovering the many perceptions of your brand to devising custom tactics and brand-specific KPIs to keep your communication strategy on point and support your business goals – we’ve got you covered.

Media/Influencer Relations

PR isn’t what it used to be, which is great news for your brand. In addition to great media coverage, getting the exposure necessary to build authority and credibility includes connecting with influencers who’ll recommend your brand to their communities. We go beyond the biggest names and usual suspects to find and activate the right influencers in your industry.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership campaigns are a great way to build awareness and credibility when you’re in between major product or business announcements. Upon interviewing the brilliant thinkers in your organization, we’ll work with you to uncover the most newsworthy and compelling information that can be used to develop authoritative, insightful content that shines a spotlight on your brand.

[testimonials_slider][testimonials_slider_item name=”Ural Cebeci, Former Marketing Lead, Skype”]The work they have accomplished has added tremendous business value by enabling us to tell our story to our user base as well as listen and act on user feedback.[/testimonials_slider_item][testimonials_slider_item name=”Scott Parent, Global Comms Manager, eBay Partner Network”]Their team is agile, proactive and able to adapt and adjust to any situation.[/testimonials_slider_item][testimonials_slider_item name=”Hani Durzy, Sr Director Corporate Communications, LinkedIn”]Ali and her team at Just Drive Media have been providing PR and social media services for LinkedIn for some time now, and the insights they uncover are instrumental in helping shape our communications strategies.[/testimonials_slider_item][/testimonials_slider]

Speaker Placement/Awards

Speaking opportunities and awards are a perfect compliment to thought leadership campaigns. Speaking gives company spokespeople the opportunity to establish credibility, network with other influencers and get to know an industry even better. With the right success metrics, both speaking and awards can lead to great media interviews, engaging social media content and much more.

Media Training

Never done a media interview, or think you could be better at it? You’re probably right. Media interviews can be tough, and making sure you’re prepared to handle the most antagonistic, confrontational reporters with ease is our job. We work with some of the most respected executive media trainers in America to make sure you’re camera- (and microphone!) ready.

Messaging Workshops

Your story is unique and captivating; it’s the secret sauce that spices up your elevator pitch and leaves your customers hungry to know more. As expert digital storytellers, we help you narrow down your messages to those we know will capture attention, inspire action and showcase you and your company in the best light possible.

Presentation Development

Securing the speaking opportunity is just step one – now you have to wow the audience with what you have to say. That’s where we come in. We’ll help you organize your thoughts into a compelling visual story that will capture the imagination of your audience, support message retention and spark engagement with you and your brand.

Event Production

When you’re planning an event, there’s so much more to do than book a venue and hope people will come. From networking evenings to launch parties, conferences and even multi-city roadshows for customers and influencers, we’ve produced a variety of events, large and small. Let us do the legwork and handle all of the logistics, marketing and PR from invites through to sharing the raves on your social channels and online.

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