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eBay Partner Network Advocacy

Engaging an Affiliate Army

Through a campaign designed to foster partner advocacy, Just Drive Media has raised program awareness, program growth and positive perception of EPN.

Tens of thousands of online content creators participate in eBay’s affiliate marketing program, which provides members with commissions for driving eBay sales. Just Drive Media has supported communication for the program for years, and social listening reports repeatedly turned up more negative sentiment than preferred. After a partner survey in 2015 revealed that members are actually very likely to recommend the program to others, JDM devised a strategy to give these natural advocates a voice to help boost EPN’s public perception.

JDM recommended a customer advocacy program to identify and support the program’s natural advocates to help combat some of these issues. We started with the promoters identified through the partner survey, then designed an application and exclusive program that would make them feel more empowered and informed about EPN. We invited these “Insiders” to share their stories and success tips on social media channels, blogs and forums; and gave them the tools they needed to become spokespeople for their own businesses and for eBay Partner Network.

These advocates have gone above and beyond anything we’d hoped to achieve with this program. They help prospective members with questions about the program, write reviews based on their experience, provide product feedback and act as beta testers, attend partner events and more. One year after launch, our social analysis has shown a tremendous increase in positive sentiment – nearly tenfold – and we’re increasingly finding ways to create mutually beneficial opportunities for EPN’s advocates.



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