GetFeedback Launch

A Successful Launch in T-14 Days

In December 2013, GetFeedback, a mobile-optimized customer-survey platform, hired Just Drive Media to publicly launch the company and its flagship product with a two-week lead time. The founders wanted media coverage that definitively situated the brand in its competitive set and made it attractive to prospective customers and investors.
JDM leveraged the pedigree of the company founder – former Salesforce CMO Kraig Swensrud – to validate GetFeedback’s business model and technical achievements. We showcased key big-name client successes to confirm effectiveness of the product, and zeroed in on a concise, potent set of messages – using supportive third party data –  that clearly articulated the problem GetFeedback addresses. As a result, we generated dozens of pieces of media coverage, all of which carried key company messages, in priority target outlets like TechCrunch and FORTUNE. We fueled 1,000+ social media mentions on launch date alone, about a brand no one had heard of 24 hours before.



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