Engaging eBay’s Partner Network

Cultivating community while enhancing positive perceptions

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eBay brought Just Drive Media in to expand and drive a communications program and support content development for the eBay Partner Network, the company’s affiliate marketing program, aiming to drive engagement and increase positive sentiment.

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Just Drive Media supported communications for ePN, a group that includes tens of thousands of online content creators, for more than 12 years. From launching its blog, to producing ePN TV – a video podcast designed to increase engagement and communication with members – to media relations, crisis comms, social listening, messaging, event support and production, and e-newsletters – we did it all.

Through our social listening work, we identified an opportunity to better leverage ePN’s natural advocates, giving them a platform to share their stories while boosting ePN’s public perception. Through an exclusive program called “Insiders,” we invited advocates to share content and tips on social media, blogs, and forums; and gave them tools to become spokespeople for their own businesses and for ePN.

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Some of our most successful work included the production of eBay Partner Summit, the premier event for eBay partners, hosted in a different city every year, and the launch of a customer advocacy program. One year after the advocacy program launched, our social analysis showed nearly a tenfold increase in positive sentiment.


SOV increase from 7.6%


Growth in engagement


Average share per post

The Just Drive Media team understands our industry incredibly well… they are agile, proactive and able to adapt to any situation."

Scott Parent

, Global Comms Manager at eBay Partner Network


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