Samsung’s Competitive Stand

Providing the blueprint for a successful comms strategy

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When Samsung Next, an emerging corporate VC, sought to establish itself in a noisy space, Just Drive Media’s deep analysis uncovered key influencers and high-potential opportunities, providing the blueprint for a highly successful PR and marketing strategy that significantly over delivered.

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Just Drive Media conducted a massive, multi-channel analysis of the investment and marketing landscape across corporate and traditional VCs as well as across the five major tech industries Samsung Next had prioritized, to determine key influencers, marketing strategies and opportunities within each industry segment. We then provided strategic recommendations for PR and marketing across content, social media and events based on the research. Better leverage of news, events and partner POVs as coverage drivers, better use of storytelling through a podcast and across social, and better integration across teams were among the ways we identified for Next to begin outperforming the competition.

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By implementing our recommendations, we drove measurable change across the board within the first year, so much so that new stretch goals for all KPIS were devised halfway through the year.


Social volume


Increase in web traffic


Increase in engagement rates


Increase in followers

The JDM team is thoughtful, responsive and proactive... The insights they uncover are instrumental in helping shape our communications strategy."

Hani Durzy

, VP, Head of Communications, Samsung Next