Robinhood’s Response

Driving social strategy and engagement during a crisis

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In 2020, Robinhood hired Just Drive Media to develop and steer its social media strategy amidst a rapidly growing user base. As the AMC/Gamestop saga unfolded, we expanded to provide real-time analytics and crisis communications support. From those pivotal moments through IPO, our strategic approach proved invaluable.

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We pivoted quickly as the AMC/Gamestop conversation unfolded in 2021, providing in-the-moment support to navigate communications across multiple platforms. With extensive knowledge, skills, and a distributed remote team, Just Drive Media immediately began providing social listening, real-time 24/7 brand monitoring, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly crisis reporting across social and digital platforms. Our goal was to arm Robinhood with the data, insights, and recommendations to respond effectively to the situation as it developed.

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Through deep reporting and carefully executed strategy, we supported Robinhood from a challenging start to the year through its Super Bowl ad and, ultimately, its IPO, resulting in record social performance as the brand became a household name. By listening closely to what Robinhood and its customers were experiencing, paying unwavering attention to the ongoing conversation, and tapping into our team’s creativity and expertise, Just Drive Media was able to deliver the trusted counsel the company sought in a time of crisis, and help guide them through growth and success.


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Just Drive Media has mastered the art and science of social media. They know how to integrate humanity and data to really deliver against a company’s objectives. I couldn’t have asked for a better partner during the peaks and valleys. The responsiveness, the depth of thought, the people — I couldn’t have asked for a better partner."

Rashad Drakeford

, Head of Content Marketing, Robinhood