Building Leadership in the Cloud

Elevating VMware’s digital brand presence to market leader status

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A strategic campaign for VMware Tanzu increased visibility and positioned the brand as a market leader, resulting in an extended partnership with multiple VMware teams. Our innovative content and influencer strategies have established us as a key partner in VMware's corporate growth.

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In 2019, when VMware acquired Tanzu, they enlisted Just Drive Media to elevate the brand's profile, foster a vibrant community, and establish Tanzu as a frontrunner in the realm of multi-cloud modern applications. Just Drive Media developed a robust and multifaceted digital strategy, revitalizing the brand's social media presence with compelling content, strategic community engagement, and targeted paid social initiatives. Concurrently, we rolled out an innovative, award-winning influencer program to elevate the brand's executives as tech sector thought leaders. Our approach was grounded in thorough, data-driven analysis, guiding the creation of resonant content across key social channels. One standout achievement was the dynamic promotion and live coverage of the company's annual developer conference, leading to an impressive surge in engagements and registrations. Notably, our efforts resulted in a 16% year-over-year increase in positive sentiment surrounding the event.

The success of these strategies broadened our scope within VMware as we were invited to lead strategic content development, including blogging, social media, community management, and reporting, for the VMware PS (formerly VMware CXS) & Learning teams, which we continue to support today.

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Throughout our enduring partnership our internal colleagues have consistently applauded our team for strategic acumen, impeccable execution, and seamless integration into their operations. We've been described as "invaluable," a testament to our contributions to the company’s communications efforts and our pivotal role in VMware’s overall growth narrative.


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I thoroughly enjoyed working with Just Drive Media. The team supports several parts of our social media strategy, from community management to launching our influencer program. The team always made me feel like I was their only client - JDM was a true extension of my team. I consulted with them for nearly all our decisions and trust their guidance 100%. I appreciate how much learning the team took on to ramp up on our unique business."

Vykky Howard

, Former Head of Social Media, VMware Tanzu