May 12, 2022

Just Drive Media Named PR Week's 2022 Outstanding Boutique Agency

A stylized black cat reclines next to a PRWeek Award for Outstanding Boutique Agency.

Just Drive Media is thrilled to announce our recognition as PR Week’s 2022 Outstanding Boutique Agency. And, the announcement comes at the perfect time, as we usher in our 15th year in business.

Take a moment to reflect back on 15 years ago with us…

It’s 2007. Apple just introduced its first iPhone. Wii consoles are flying off the shelves and Facebook is coming hard for MySpace’s territory. Meanwhile, our founders are bringing their dream of launching a PR firm that is bold, daring, and results-driven to life.

Since then, we’ve built a nimble group of remote team members across the world and dedicated ourselves to sharing knowledge through a robust internship program that has prepared graduates for greatness at brands like Amazon, Complex, and Meltwater.

We have two secret weapons that set us apart. One is our focus on data and analytics — going far beyond social vanity metrics — which allows us to serve our clients in ways that most traditional PR or social media agencies can not. The other is our noteworthy roster of game-changing clients. Clients like LinkedIn, Robinhood,, eBay, and Upwork have used our human-powered analysis and insights to push the envelope.

This includes the project that caught the attention of PR Week judges: our work supporting Instacart’s social reputation. What started out as us delivering a workshop and social media playbook for the brand’s customer service agents, quickly evolved into a robust social media partnership with this essential brand during the onset of the pandemic. The judges also called out our DEI-focused influencer program for VMware Tanzu, which we launched to drive brand perception and complement employer brand efforts.

“[Just Drive Media has] a very impressive list of clients that are changing their industries and creating conversations. It’s exciting to see a boutique help drive these programs for industry-leading clients.” -PR Week Judge

Setting the bar high and then reaching above it is what we do. It's incredibly rewarding to see this dedication to quality and results being acknowledged by PR Week. We're honored and truly appreciate the recognition.

We wholeheartedly share this recognition with our outstanding team and incredible clients, and look forward to what’s in store for the next 15!

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