June 8, 2022

What's It Like To Intern With Just Drive Media? Hear From Our Team!

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This spring, we were honored to have four incredible interns who helped us develop new processes, dig deeper into our research, and produce powerful work for our clients. The Just Drive Media internship program is one of our team’s favorite parts of the job. It gives our full-time team members the ability to impart their wisdom on the next generation of marketing experts and allows our interns to gain experience that past interns have taken into full-time roles at Complex, Meltwater, and Amazon.

We thought it would be a great opportunity to let our interns share their favorite parts, biggest learnings, and useful takeaways from their internship experience.

What was one of the most useful things you learned during your Just Drive Media internship?

“To really tighten up my writing. Just Drive Media is big on learning and development, so I was able to learn more through the lessons they provided, and apply this with hands-on experience. Strict character limits (with Twitter especially) helped me learn how to craft messages in the most concise and understandable way possible. My top highlight was definitely seeing my work published on some of the clients’ social channels. This was the first time I had seen my own writing right next to a blue checkmark, and it was so exciting.“

– Sydney Moye, Social Media Intern

“Learning all about [certain client programs] was really interesting and surprising to me because of the different angles of PR that I had not experienced before.”

– Kyra Berry, PR Intern

What was the best part about being a Just Drive Media intern?

Interning here never once felt like work. The entire Just Drive Media team is a group of some of the kindest, most helpful, and impressively adaptive people I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. Plus they are all just great people, and the virtual aspect is perfect for connecting, as we have the ability to reach out to anyone on Slack regardless of department/location. 10/10 recommend finding a company that is caring enough to personally check in with you and your workload regularly – making sure you’re comfortable while ensuring you’re getting the most out of the experience.”

– Lauren Thomas, Analytics Intern

“I really appreciated that my supervisors cared about the things I was interested in and wanted to gear my intern experience to those interests.”

– Kyra Berry, PR Intern

Were there any unexpected benefits that came out of your internship?

“Being able to collaborate with other teams. Although my internship was with the social team, I provided support to the public relations team as well. I am extremely interested in social media but I am a public relations major and loved that Just Drive Media gave me the ability to gain skills in both fields. Also, being part of a healthy work environment that fosters creativity and values the mental health of employees.”

– Emily Zimmer, Social Media Intern

Any parting words?

“In addition to learning a plethora of new skills, like how to tell stories from the data we collect via dashboards like Google Data Studio, I learned that companies that genuinely care for their employees and interns really do exist!”

– Lauren Thomas, Analytics Intern

Thank you, Sydney, Kyra, Emily, and Lauren. We feel equally lucky to have you as part of our team.

Good luck to each of our interns as they move on to their exciting plans post-Just Drive Media spring internship. Sydney will be staying on as a Just Drive Media summer intern while she finishes her master’s program. Kyra accepted a full-time role as an Account Coordinator at Tierney in Philadelphia. Emily is exploring new and exciting internship opportunities in Florida. And Lauren accepted a full-time offer from us!

Want to be a Just Drive Media intern? Reach out to us to share why you’d be a great fit.


What specific projects or tasks do interns at Just Drive Media typically work on?

  • Our interns get to take on a wide variety of tasks, ranging from conducting media analyses to crafting social media posts, brainstorming content, drafting press releases and pitches, developing media lists, and supporting the team with research. We want our interns to get a taste of real-world campaigns and see their contributions to our clients’ successes.

How does Just Drive Media ensure a valuable learning experience for its interns?

  • Ask around and you’ll find we are laser focused on learning and development for everyone on our team. Interns aren't just given work to do; they're supported with context and direction to help them excel with hands-on experiences that sharpen their skills. Here, questions aren’t just expected, they’re encouraged!
  • The team dynamic plays a big role too. Interns are empowered to meet our team members, ask questions, and collaborate across departments (PR, social media and content, and analytics), offering a rounded experience and insights into both their chosen field and related areas.

What are the secrets to success for a remote intern at a remote agency?

  • Embrace our remote culture. In an all-remote team, everyone is in the same boat, which can actually make it easier for you to integrate. Embrace the tools and processes the company uses to stay connected, speak up in Slack groups, and don’t hesitate to show up on video during team calls.
  • Build your network intentionally. Without a physical office, casual interactions don't happen automatically. So, make an extra effort to get to know your colleagues. This could be through asking for virtual coffee chats/informational interviews, participating in any casual team calls, or joining remote social events. Building relationships with your teammates not only enriches your experience but can also provide a support network and mentorship opportunities.
  • Showcase your self-management skills. In an all-remote setup, demonstrating your ability to manage your time effectively, meet deadlines, and produce quality work with minimal supervision is even more critical. This shows your reliability and helps build trust with your supervisors and team members.
  • Seek feedback proactively. Without the possibility of in-person check-ins, asking for feedback on your work becomes even more important. Regularly ask for input and apply what you learn from your team’s responses.